The Vallurupalli Rattaiah Seethamma & Vignana Jyothi Residential School:

  • Promotes an atmosphere conducive to help children.
  • Develops intellectual,emotional,creative,social and physical capabilities.
  • Provides programmes that will enable students to perform consistently in upper range of their potential in the basic skills and disciplines.
  • Recognizes student’s achievements and encourage them to assume responsibilty and work towards actualizing their potential.
  • Devises programmes that will have sufficient breadth and depth to afford students the oppurtunity to assess their strengths and weakness in order to make maximum use of their abilities.
  • Helps students to understand the structure of disciplines with the result that their knowledge becomes a tool for continued learning.
  • Emphasizes the social,physical,emotional,intellectual and creative development of students.
  • Applies instructional techniques for use in various learning situations.
  • Assists students in the development of a positive-self and inculcates respect for others.
  • Ultimately,assists children to become responsible for their own actions and behaviour.