The School admits students of all religions, nationalities and ethnic origins to all the privileges, programmes and activities that are made available to the students at the school. The School provides equal opportunity for all students without any discrimination.
The admission process includes an interview with the parents and a formal evaluation. The parent interview is an essential step in the admission process, for it is at this time, that the specific needs of a child and parental expectations may be identified.
The management reserves the right to admit the child. Children may remain at the school as long as they demonstrate responsible civic sense and their work is at an acceptable level. They are not allwed to remain in the school if their actions interfere with the learning process or if they exhibit unreasonable frustrations in meeting the demands of the academic programme.


The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, Affiliation No.CBSE/ 130158/99. The courses of study have been devised with the aim that the students can take their examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education according to the 10+2 system of education. Karate, Dance, Music & Hand skills are also part of education.


The School has a system of continous evaluation. They are fortnightly, monthly and terminal tests and promotion to the next class depends on the cumulative academic performance of the student at the end to the year. The School presents children to CBSE examination at X standard.


The dedication and commitment of our faculty is the secret of our success. They have always been receptive to teaching innovations and cultural inputs.


Whereas academically proficient students receive encouragement to achieve the highest standard that they are capable of achieving, the School recognizes the importance of paying special attention to students who are academically not very bright. Extra study periods are provided for such students wherever considered necessary.


An outing helps the children to expand their knowledge and their views. Picnics, Tours and Excursions have been included towards achieving this objective.


The scheme of physical education is so planned, as to ensure the fullest and manifold development of the individuality of the child, enabling him/her to attain emotional stability, physical maturity and moral values through yoga classes, games and sports. These are organized in such a students. The school has separate gymnasiums for boys & girls.


Nagarjuna Sagar, Srisailam , Mysore, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam, Arakku Valley, Andaman & Nicobar islands, Kerala, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Goa and Egyptian kingdom


Great care is taken in cooking and serving a well-balanced diet. Milk is served four times a day. The diet is strictly vegetarian though eggs and egg preparations are provided to the students. Special diet is provided to the students on medical advice. House Masters, Mistresses and Resident Counselors also taken their meals with the students and generally food is served in family style. They are encouraged to observe appropriate table manners and good conversation. Outside food is not permitted.


A qualified Medical Officer visits the School regularly at frequent intervals to look after the health and hygiene of the students. Students who require further care and treatment are referred to Vivekananda Hospital (A unit of Aditya Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.), Begumpet, Hyderabad. Routine medical checkup of the students is carried out once in fifteen days. Boarders who may suffer from an infectious disease are shifted to the segregation ward. The School maintains a well-equipped dispensary under the charge of a Medical Officer and a full time trained resident nurse. Vaccination and inoculation against Cholera and Typoid are compulsory for all students unless they produce a certificate from a competent authority stating that they have already been inoculated/vaccinated.


The School is fully resident and the dormitories are designed to cater to the psychological and physical needs of children. All constructions and fixtures are designed to enable them to develop in themselves a feeling of mastery and a sense of belonging.


The School’s standards for student behavior include the following:

Courtesy and consideration for other is encouraged and expected at all times. No child will be allowed to interfere with the learning of another child of the School. Each child must exercise reasonable care of School property and maintain respect for others’ property. These standards are endorsed by the Society, Administration, Faculty and Staff and each child is expected to behave in such a manner as to contribute to the daily life the School.


The School sets high standards for academic work and behavior. If the child has difficulty in complying with the guidelines estavlished by the School, it is the responsibility of the teacher to converse with the child. If the problem continues, the parents will be consulted. Suspension of the pupil for a slpecified period will be resorted to, if grave violation of rules occurs. If no improvement is found, the parents will be advised to admit the child under their care at a School nearer to their place of residence.


A student can be withdrawn from the School at the end of an jacademic year. For this purpose, the parent/guardian should give a notice in writing to the principal befor the student is taken away for the summer vacation and in any case not later than 30th April in the year of withdrawal. If a student wants to withdraw or is withdrawn during the academic session, the fees paid is not refunded to the parent /guardian. Students are accepted for admission on the understanding that they will remain in the School for the entire year. Should a student, however, be withdrawn for some excepltional reason, the refund will be considered on case to case basis.


Student are not allowed to go home during the School term except in the following cases:
Students may be allowed a maxium leave of 3 days for attending functions at home. Leave will not be granted during examination days or during a camp. Leave may be granted for some specific treatment of the student provided it is recommended by the Medical Officer of the School.
For obtaining any leave, written request should be made to the Principal. No leave shall be granted on a student’s request made through telegram. Leaves shall be considered only when the application is made by the parent or the authorized guardian. If a student does not return on the due date, his name will be struck off from the School rolls and he/she may not be accepted back. The same would apply for late return after summer or winter vacation.
If a student is foced to remain at home due to some illness, application for leave should be accompanied by a Medical Certificate.


VRS & VJR School is a co-educational residential School, which strives to offer a child-centered learning environment. The programme is conducted for children from class I to X affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The School’s intent is to assist children in developing their intellectual, emotional, creative and physical abilities. While acceptingindividual differences and needs, the School would respond to these in terms of personal care and attention. The School is concerned with the child’s attitudes, habits and values. There is concern shown for individuals and groups of children.


In order to help the students adjust themselves to their new and changed environment, parents and guardians are requested not to visit the student at least for two months since their admission. During an academic year the parents are normally allowed two visits. In no case should the parents or guardians meet them only through the Principal.
Parents and guardians are requested not to meet their wards in their dormitories. They should meet them only in the reception hall or the lounge.
Relatives or friends are not allowed see the students unless they bring an introductory letter from their parents or guardians. Parents and guardians are expected not to visit their wards during the School hours. They may see them on allotted parents visiting days as per the academic year calendar.


Parents or guardians are requested not to call students over the telephones. If there is anything urgent, the phone call should be made to the Principal and not to the Student. The telephone numbers of the Principal are notified.